Our buyers closed two weeks ago. They had only been complaining about a smell on the basement stairs, even though the contract post-inspection only required us to clean the brand-new carpet and fix some electrical issues. Nothing about remedying a smell. The carpet cleaner they chose even said it just smelled like a typical concrete basement.

I won’t get into all the nonsense they and their realtor pulled during this sale. They were in the house a week before close and the day before for their walkthrough and smelled no smell. They were smelled no smell, closed, and we were just relieved to have them in our rearview mirrors.

Today, our realtor called to say that the buyers’ agent reached out to say the smell has returned, according to the buyer. They found a single dried cat poo (gross) in the ceiling tiles in the basement, in an area where there was no smell. It’s likely from the previous owner’s cat.

Now, they want us to pay $750 to replace all the ceiling tiles. I told our realtor we won’t be responding to the buyer at all. If the realtor is contacted again, he should say he no longer represents us, as the purchase has been completed.

My wife is freaking out. For her peace of mind and my sanity, do they have any legal grounds or are they just being dicks?

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